“Working with Jodie has been such an eye opening experience. In addition to guiding me through dietary changes to improve my overall health and well-being, she has taught me valuable insight into understanding my body’s response to eliminating certain food and more importantly how to introduce them back.

Jodie emailed and/or text me daily with tips or encouragement during the Hormone Balance.

I will be celebrating my 50th bday in a few weeks and I have never felt better or have had so much energy. I lost a few much needed pounds, I sleep better, and I receive a compliment everyday from someone telling me how healthy I look.

I owe this to Jodie’s guidance and passion in eating clean.

If you are looking to finally make a life style change and eat well, Jodie will get you there!

Super nice person , coach and friend. I highly recommend her expertise!”


“Working with Jodie on my health journey has helped me insurmountably. She not only helped me recognize how food allergies may be the cause of inflammation in my body but also that it can be the cause of my underlying autoimmune disease. By working on recognizing what foods could be triggering my inflammation, I was able to lose weight, gain energy, feel better, keep up with my kids, and have a healthier lifestyle altogether.

Jodie’s hormone cleanse helped me start off my health journey by allowing me to remove the unhealthy cravings I’ve always fought with and replace them with healthier choices. As a result, I started wanting to eat cleaner because it made me feel better. 

In addition, I hadn’t been to the gym in over 4 years and after just a couple of months of working with Jodie, I had the energy to rejoin the gym and lost a total of 35 pounds in 6 months. Jodie also helped me understand how my mental health and stressful lifestyle was affecting my eating habits and how important it was to keep these things in check so that I could make better lifestyle choices. She also helped me understand the importance of vitamins and how they are an integral part of keeping the body/gut healthy. Jodie’s compassion and dedication to helping educate others on achieving a healthy lifestyle has changed my life forever! She’s a wonderful coach and an amazing person and I can’t recommend her services enough!” 


“While I’m healthy and fit, and eat very well, I wanted to see if there were some adjustments I could make to my diet as I moved further into my 50s and am trying to maintain (or even gain) muscle mass.  After talking with Jodie about the benefits of doing a FIT test, I signed up and am so glad I did! Some very healthy foods showed up on my results as inflammatory for me (hello blueberries, oranges, quinoa). I cut them out of my diet, and noticed pretty quickly that my digestion improved, my skin looked brighter, and my sleep evened out (so I look more rested overall). Significantly, my body fat percentage dropped from 22% to 19% and I added a couple pounds of muscle while my weight stayed the same (I don’t want to lose weight), exactly the sort of goal I have been working on. The FIT results gave me unexpected insight into some nutritious foods that just weren’t right for me, and that was invaluable! Thanks Jodie, for introducing me to the FIT test and providing expert guidance through the process.”


“After years of trying to understand my body while becoming older, I realized a diet of some sort and exercise is not enough. Jodie with JKLWELL Health Coaching has guided me with the right tools for success. I can now understand the details that are necessary to fuel my body with nutrients to become healthy again. Jodie has a compassion for helping people. With her soft tone, positive drive, and intellect gives me the strength and energy to seek more information. I have come to the realization that we are all different human beings and a customized nutrition plan is key. Jodie has been there every step of the way. As a virtual client from across the country, Jodie manages to connect on a personal level to prioritize my health on a daily basis. This journey with her has brought me a long way and I am very thankful for our connection.”


“My life and health have changed dramatically for the better since I began working with Jodie Lin. Her knowledge and expertise in the fields of Health Care and Nutrition, her gentle guidance, and her support are very motivating. I have never met someone as dedicated and passionate about helping her family and friends live healthy and clean, and she does so with such optimism!

I completed a 26-day smoothie challenge. In the beginning, I thought there was no way I would make and consume spinach smoothies, let alone remove sugar and gluten from my daily food intake. When the program ended, I craved the smoothies. I felt great! I have discovered, with complete thanks to Jodie, that my body does not need sugar or gluten to perform at its absolute best.

My husband, my children, and my co-workers continually ask me when will I complete my diet. My answer to them is that it is a lifestyle change. I feel so much healthier, happier, and energetic!”


“Jodie’s vast knowledge of nutrition and healthy living impressed me the moment we struck up a random conversation at a high school basketball game.  She is very easy to get along with, and explains things in a manner regular folk can understand.  She guided me through my 30-day cleanse, and responded to all my questions in a very timely manner.  I can honestly say I learned SO much from Jodie!  Following the cleanse, I opted to remain vegan, which is a major life change.  Jodie helped me with proper eating and nutrition as a new vegan.   She also impacted other aspects of my well-being, such as getting off my butt and exercising.  Jodie motivates me to take better care of myself.  I also like her vitamins and the recipes she’s shared.  As a health and wellness coach, Jodie is a true rock star!”

Dr. Gary C. Powell

“Jodie made it so easy to remove sugar and other inflammatory foods from my diet. She personalized the plan based on my needs, preferences, intolerance and schedule. It was so easy to do the health tests through her site as well and she made it easy to understand what I needed to do going forward. I feel prepared to make this a lifestyle change to better my health. I’d highly recommend investing in working with JKLWell.”

Hannah Lindsay

“Dear Jodie,

Working with you has truly been life changing. I went into our coaching session with the goal of losing the weight I had put over the years – looking for that quick fix to jump start my weight loss. While I did meet and have sustained a 20 lb. weight loss goal because of everything you provided, the real gift was the information and support you provided that gave me control of chronic health conditions and new energy, confidence and appreciation for taking care of myself.  I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me, and your generous and supportive coaching and tips along the way.

Thank you!”

Kerrie B. Wilson

IIN Alumni Hormone Health Course
Holistic Cancer Coach Certification by BeatCancer.org
Holistic Certified Cancer Coach
Cornell University

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