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Health & Nutrition Coaching Services 

​As a Health and Nutrition Consultant, I am more than just a one size fits all health coaching service. I believe in the concept of BIOINDIVIDUALITY; where each person has their own specific needs.

​​As a Health and Nutrition Consultant, I:

​Go through your health history to determine past eating habits, exercise habits, family history and potential health risks.

​We then discuss your nutrition likes and dislikes and go through an education session where we cover which of those foods can help and which can hinder your healthy goals.

​We create a menu plan that will work with your likes and dislikes while keeping you on target for achieving that healthy goal.

​In addition, we help tailor an appropriate fitness plan that will work for your level and goals.

​We review other factors in your life that can impact your stress levels and discuss how to improve those factors.

​Ultimately, I give you the tools and education to be able to implement this new health lifestyle to make it a permanent healthy, balanced, lifestyle that you can live with.

​Sessions are offered in packages of 3 weeks, 3  months, and 6 months, with meetings every week or every other week in person or via internet, and daily e-mails and texts.


Certain periods during a person’s life, including puberty, pregnancy, and menopause are conducive to hormonal imbalances. The body changes and must adapt to its new reality, which affects the hormonal system. A hormonal imbalance can also be caused by aging or disease. Our Hormone Balance program aims to restore your hormonal balance through a comprehensive nutrional makeover.

3 weeks to restore your hormones so that they are in balanced harmony. By working on hormones like estrogen, insulin and thyroid, we can hep your body return to a balanced state so that it can function at it’s optimal potential.

Hormone Balance – $650 – includes customized meal plan

Hormone Balance

Regain your hormonal balance


Food Inflammation Test (FIT) will test for the top 22,  132, or 176  inflammatory foods, spices, and additives. By determining which foods your body is reacting to and helping you safely eliminate them from your diet, we can help you heal your leaky gut and chronic  inflammation which can be the route cause of some or all of your health issues.

FIT22 – $225, $375 with customized meal plan

FIT132- $430, $580 with customized meal plan

FIT 176 – $550, $700 with customized meal plan

Food Inflammation Test – FIT

Find out which foods your body is reacting too


3 weeks to help you put an end to your sugar cravings for good. Learn what sugar can do to your body, where to find it hidden in foods, the truth about sugar alternatives, and how to kick sugar to the curb.

Sugar Elimination – $600

Sugar Detox

Put an end to your sugar cravings


Over a 3 or 6 month period, we will meet and review your health and wellness needs. Through 50 minute sessions, we will work on nutrition, exercise, and stress management tools that meet your needs, make adjustments, keep you motivated, and learn what may be at the root cause of your health.

3 month biweekly meetings: 6 sessions – $900

3  month weekly meetings: 12 sessions – $1800

6 month biweekly meetings: 12 session – $1700

6 month weekly meetings: 24 sessions – $3400

Signature Program

The complete nutrional makeover

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