Often times foods can cause damage to the lining of our guts, either because we are sensitive to that specific food or because the GMOs it contains are damaging. We now have a term for this, it is called leaky gut. This where the junctions of the gut lining have been damaged to the point that they become spaced further apart, thereby allowing proteins from foods to leave the gut and enter the blood stream. This can cause inflammation in the body, it can weaken the immune system, and it can cause autoimmune diseases to form, among other things.


In order to heal our guts, we need to take steps to learn which foods can be damaging to us as individuals. This can be done with a either an elimination diet or a food sensitivity test, both of which I can help you with. Then we need to begin to rebuild our gut. This is where collagen comes in. Not only can it help with wrinkles, nail health, and joint support, it can also help to rebuild the gut walls. Collagen contains large amount of amino acids, glycine, proline, and glutamine, which are protein building blocks, that help rebuild the lining and tighten those junctions.


Collagen can be found in protein rich foods such as eggs, meat, fish, and seafood. It is even better when it comes from bone broth and gelatin. For Vegans and Vegetarians, it is a little harder to come by. For that I recommend Sunwarrior Plant Based Protein powder. As a Vegan, I use this powder in my smoothies daily to help maintain a healthy gut, keeping the proteins where they belong and reducing risks of inflammation. Try it out!