Radical Damage from the internet – how to protect ourselves

Damage from 5G is real. It can cause free radicals in the body which can cause chronic oxidative stress that can damage the structure of our cells. Cellular damage can lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Here are some ways to help protect ourselves:

1) Keep your phone in airplane mode when possible
2) Use a timer on your internet to turn off at night
3) Use wired router instead of wireless
4) Do not put your phone in your pocket or bra (yes, women do that)
5) Do not sleep with your phone, tablet, or laptop under your pillow

Now how many of you are you saying that this is not realistic? I mean, we can keep the phones out of our pockets and beds, well, maybe not everyone as I often find my teens asleep with theirs right by their heads sadly. But turning off the router at night? I don’t know about you but we are all awake at various hours in this house. Kids doing homework late at night, adults catching up on the news and emails early in the morning, none of us on the same schedule. And I am not sure how many people want to go back to using wired routers and having all those plugs…..

So what can we do? If we can’t make the above suggested changes, we can still protect ourselves. We need to keep our bodies safe from the potential free radicals attacking our cells. Here are some suggestions to help you do that:

1) Reduce Inflammation in the Body:

a) Learn what your food sensitivities are and remove them
b) Eat anti-inflammatory foods
c) Reduce stress with tools like journaling, meditating, yoga, tapping, or walking
d) Weight loss

2) Eat Foods High in Antioxidants:

a) Berries – blueberries, strawberries, goji berries
b) Dark leafy greens – kale, spinach, collard greens
c) Red cabbage
d) Beets
e) Dark chocolate
f) Pecans
g) Artichokes

While modern day technology has become the way of the world as it is easier and easier to connect to others, even during times of social distancing, allows us to work and our children to learn, it can still be damaging to the body. Though we are all still far from really understanding its full impacts, we do know that we need to help protect ourselves from the possible long-term damage.




Often times foods can cause damage to the lining of our guts, either because we are sensitive to that specific food or because the GMOs it contains are damaging. We now have a term for this, it is called leaky gut. This where the junctions of the gut lining have been damaged to the point that they become spaced further apart, thereby allowing proteins from foods to leave the gut and enter the blood stream. This can cause inflammation in the body, it can weaken the immune system, and it can cause autoimmune diseases to form, among other things.


In order to heal our guts, we need to take steps to learn which foods can be damaging to us as individuals. This can be done with a either an elimination diet or a food sensitivity test, both of which I can help you with. Then we need to begin to rebuild our gut. This is where collagen comes in. Not only can it help with wrinkles, nail health, and joint support, it can also help to rebuild the gut walls. Collagen contains large amount of amino acids, glycine, proline, and glutamine, which are protein building blocks, that help rebuild the lining and tighten those junctions.


Collagen can be found in protein rich foods such as eggs, meat, fish, and seafood. It is even better when it comes from bone broth and gelatin. For Vegans and Vegetarians, it is a little harder to come by. For that I recommend Sunwarrior Plant Based Protein powder. As a Vegan, I use this powder in my smoothies daily to help maintain a healthy gut, keeping the proteins where they belong and reducing risks of inflammation. Try it out!



Elliptical on the Go

Lately I have been riding around on what looks like a stand up bike, and having a blast. I have had a lot of questions about what it is so I thought I would add a post about it.

Due to some typical runner’s injuries, I needed to find a way to get out and exercise, getting some cardio and fresh air, while minimizing the impact on my foot and knees. After doing some research, I found that elliptical machines are great for the cardio with minimal impact. Bike riding is as well. One was indoors but perfect for what I needed, the other was outdoors which I love but causes me lower back pain. How to combine the 2? Enter the elliptigo! You can get the motions of the elliptical machine, choosing your stride with different settings, while moving outside as if on a bike, but standing up to alleviate any back pain. Instead of the constant pounding on the pavement which can cause injuries like plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, bone spurs, and/or knee pain, you get the smooth motion and yet still an amazing workout for your quads, hamstrings, calves, core, and cardio!

Check it out or